Saturday, November 1, 2008

a pumpkin patch and cool enough for coco

Tita, aka, Jeanna, the greatest auntie/sister in the world, picked up my two last Sunday for a big day at the "pumpkin patch" with abuela and Nikki, Vangie and Fletcher. I say "pumpkin patch" because did you know that pumpkins don't grow in Florida? Something about the heat and humidity = mold so basically a "pumpkin patch" is a big field covered in hay with pumpkins placed all over it, in what must pass here for a reasonable facsimile of a real pumpkin patch. So off they went for a day of play, then they went over to abuela's for dinner and I didn't go pick them up until like 9pm. WOW. I had Such Big Plans for my day solo. I had a list a mile long and I think I got to the dishes. And I thought something different would happen?

Tuesday, Jeanna had a lovely impromptu fall celebration/hot coco fest/pumpkin carving/dinner party so there was more carving to be done! The children are sitting at their perfect outside table, enjoying their coco, and "chin-chin-ing". As in:
Vangie: Let's toast!
(all the children slide their cups toward each other, clinking and saying toast! toast! toast! toast!)
Magdalena: We say chin-chin.
(all the children slide their cups toward each other, clinking and saying chin-chin! chin-chin! chin-chin! chin-chin!) Wanna watch?

Abuela, bundled up in Tita's fabulousness, getting the guts out with Magdalena. I seem to remember my favorite part of carving pumpkins was "getting out the brains" as Jeanna said. Well, I have to tell you, neither Frida, Augustus, or Magdalena would have any of that. Maybe next year.

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