Wednesday, October 29, 2008

the park birthday glory, celebrating Allie and Augustus

Autumnal birthdays, Florida style.

The Pinata, a la Rose, Franco and Dominic. This could be Frida's first pinata...I'm not sure. She was game to go for it!

After our trip to Key West, on the way home, we stopped at my cousin Nick's house. There was a fabulous Huge birthday party happening, replete with fondant style cake and bouquets of mini-flower cupcakes in festive colored buckets on all the tables. The pinata was a work of pinata art, and my two were way too shy to get up under the pinata with the other, oh, 20 or so children, or take a turn whacking the pinata, so their cousin Danny did them so right. He got right up under the pinata and as it broke open and showered candy, he started scooping up handfulls of candy and throwing it back at Magdalena and Augustus. There was so much candy, so many children, so much chaos, and still, thanks to sweet sweet Danny, we were candy rich.

Allie scores the final shot, with playdough raining down for all.

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