Friday, February 22, 2008

the sleep of angels

Augustus sleeps

Really, is there anything more perfect than a sleeping toddler? And I mean that on so many levels. I can never quite capture the perfect innocence, the perfect vanilla breath, the perfect love of love sleeping.
We have been sick here, and I mean Sick. Uugggghhhh. But it has given me the opportunity to slow down and snuggle. A lot. Lot's of big girl snuggles, lot's of little boy snuggles, and lots of Frida snuggles also because as does Augustus does Frida. The homeschool mamas have been amazing at picking up Magdalena and taking her to the library two Fridays in a row, taking her to homeschool (because homeschool is not at my house, funny, right?) because I cannot take two sneezing snotting hacking feverish toddlers anywhere, not to mention that this mama is exhibiting those very same symptoms. Begone sickness! Maybe that will do the trick. I'll let you know.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

the big seven-oh and a cruise to boot

best friends; Lien and my mama

the kids rocking the big chess set

the obligatory gorgeous beach shot in the Bahamas

the family cruise shot, sans Anthony and Suzanne

and, of course, Augustus in his off-the-hook style

So my mama, the Matriarch of our family, abuela to the babies, celebrated her 70th journey around the sun with a family cruise. The cruise was interesting, great food, super fun stuff for Magdalena, gorgeous scenery. But the main attraction was being with our family with no calls to make, no errands to run, no dishes to do, no beds to make, for four glorious days and nights.

We hung out on the Lido deck forever, had poolside drink deliveries, basked in the Caribbean sun, went on family excursions, ate breakfast, lunch and dinner in restaurants every day, got room service, jet skied, glass-bottom-boated, and had a fabulous time all-around.

Did I mention that I decided to go sugar-free about a week before the cruise? And that you can basically eat dessert 24/7 on a cruise? And that every night there are these delicious looking chocolates for your eating pleasure awaiting on the pillow? And that the desserts served at dinner were gourmet, chocolate and insanely decadent and obviously divine, given the utterances of those eating them? No, I guess I hadn't mentioned that. Sigh. My timing is just plain goofy. But, here I am, about a month in to sugar-free and still going. I guess we'll see how it all unfolds.

Monday, February 11, 2008

pre-k as you like it

the fantastic carousel at the Jacksonville Zoo on our regular Tuesday field trip

first snack of the outing

spontaneous kid connection

two little blackbirds with Ally, Magdalena and Frida

Pre-school. Did we know it could be such fun? I wanted to be a part of a homeschool preschool co-op, so I called out to the universe, started a yahoo group called Love the Earth Homeschool Preschool, and the universe answered as it does, with abundance.

I, of course, did not "create" the co-op, it came together with little resistence and much love. Mondays are our regular school day, Tuesdays are our field trip day, and Fridays are at the Downtown Main Library with Mr. Keith, the oh-so-fabulous story-teller and Miss Marie, our darling, patient and infinitely creative family art teacher.

We learn, we grow, we create, we share, we love. Shaa-zam!