Friday, January 15, 2010

everything since...

the Recital!
Eating some yummy food, getting ready for the show!

Waiting to perform...

Our afta-party, yummy treats.

Christmas Eve!
My darling and her first lost tooth.

The Feast~
My new favorite festive bread round with Fresh Basil, Grape Tomato, and Fresh Mozzarella Cheese and oh my but it is so Lovely and Delicious, almost a meal unto itself!

Another new tradition, Crown Pork Roast with Honey Glazed Pears and Kumquats and Wild Mushroom Stuffing. Super yum! Now if I can just figure out how to get it on the table before nine Cuban heritage runs strong! Dinner at 9pm, of course!

Some sleepy children, reading 'Twas the Night Before Christmas with Abuela.

The new Houston Tradition, a Christmas Family Bike Ride! Because that's how warm it was on Christmas. Yep, Florida!

Christmas Day at Abuela's house, a small gathering, lovely and fun.

It's the year of the Nutcracker, and the children each received one that they love and cherish, a bit to death if you must know. We promptly lost arms, trumpets and axes, then feet...all to be repaired by Godfather Drosselmeier doncha know.

Dinner Party Deluxe
One of Jeanna and Dave's famous dinner parties, pictured are just the girls. Paella, love and community, what more could you ask?

How about an after-dinner show? Put on by our very own dancers, all performing Magdalena's March of the Nutcracker from the Kinderstudios show. As you can see, Augustus opted for the tu-tu of all tu-tus, and lovely he did look.

Some interpretive dance after the "official" show.

Happy New Year!
Midnight, ushering in 2010. Crazy eyes and sleepy eyes, a bit too much sparkling juice and sugar eyes.

Tooth Number Two!
Officially gap-toothed.
The Bonfire!
And yet another new tradition- the Burning-of-the-Christmas-Tree-Bonfire with Hot Coco & Marshmallows, S'mores, Hot Mulled Cider and the family all gathered around the fire. Such Fun! And it did happen to be freeeeeezzzziiiiiing! So we really did enjoy our fire, it wasn't just for show!

Papa and his helpers, starting the rip-roaring fire.

Back to the library and Hemming Plaza downtown for the first time in ages. The children dressed in all their Christmas finery to go see our favorite librarians in the world and bring belated Christmas love and homemade pressies.
A favorite treat, Kettle Corn. So Yummy!

And finally, my big girl, in her magical Christmas dress, snuggled in with a book. She borrowed 14 chapter books and hasn't stopped reading since.

Once again, as per usual, life is good. Good and sweet and abundant and rich and loamy, just like we like it.