Saturday, May 26, 2012

The resurrection of a blog begins.  Last fall I wrote, briefly, about transformation.  This spring/beginning of the summer, the focus of our family, our motto if you will, is Manifestation Through Concrete Action.  Because I can talk about transformation till the cows come home, but without action, well, it's just another concept, isn't it?  

To that end, there are calendars, lists, piles, priorities, projects, budgets, structures to be implemented, a general rhythm to be laid out and nurtured, tweaked, and committed to until it becomes the rhythm of our lives.  And of course because this is me we're talking about, our transformation is nothing short of epic.  Physical, emotional, mental, financial, spiritual - I envision transformation.  It did start back when we returned from Nica, an incremental adjustment, a degree of a turn that when laid out next to a parallel line would, in time, represent radical change.

To our great relief, there is the understanding that radical absolute change, an about face if you will, like the 180 degree turn around of a tanker or any other behemoth fellowship/organization/culture, takes time.  Takes surrender.  Takes two steps forward and one step back.  Takes love and laughter and time to back up and cool off takes perspective and understanding and forgiveness and encouragement takes creativity and a willingness to risk our comfort zone and ultimately, well, ultimately, takes…ugh…the "P" word: Patience.

I don't pray for patience because then my life becomes the study of "having patience", a concept I do not relish.  I can get with surrender.  Surrender.  Not acceptance, not really even patience.  Surrender.  I see it like I see those old Nestea plunge commercials from the 70's - I just open my arms and fall back but instead of a pool there is God there is spirit there is the universal love to receive me.

I posted on my dear friend's fb page:

It is ON.

Revolution. Evolution. Manifestation. Trans.Form.A.Tion.
Word to the mutha.

I am inviting in my family, my friends, my community because accountability is a must.  Doing this solo isn't really my style or how I understand my life to operate successfully.  I am a "we" person.  We are doing this - my children my husband me; we are doing this - Abuela, Tita, Maco, Frida; we are participating - are you listening Tito Chuchi?; we are all a part of the whole, and it is with the whole and through the love and laughter and support and suggestions of said whole that we will ride this pony all summer and see where we are come fall.  

This is where I am, where we begin.  And of course also, me being me, I am interested in the process, the daily nitty-gritty, so documentation is part of the process, and this here blog is going to serve as that document.

Let the wild rumpussing I mean structuring/rhythming/actioning begin!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Classic Adventure Stories

Hello sweet blog!  We meet again!
We are on the verge of a revolution!  And we'll be leading the way with adventure!  Looking for ideas?  Well yes, we are.  I hope to find some here:
Classic Adventure Stories

I'm awaiting the next installment with baited breath.