Wednesday, May 28, 2008

the road trip, part one

me and the graduate

Magdalena grooving on some Rouri love

me with the raucous Sheehan clan

the morning afta party

I started this post over a week ago, and finally here goes.

Magdalena, Augustus and I went on a rollicking eight day road trip that was all love and connections. I have to say that almost every time I have uttered the words "eight day roadtrip" and "Magdalena and Augustus" I have been met, almost universally, with groans and looks of shock, horror and disbelief. Well let's just set the record straight and say that my children rocked the eight day roadtrip like a couple 'o salty dogs on a rum run. We had a ball, a blast, an amazing time. There were no bedtimes, no rules (ok, that's not totally true. There was a "no shrieking in the car while mama is trying to talk on the phone rule.) and no expectations except that of having fun. There were no dvd players en route, in the car or otherwise, no video games, no electronic distractions. Just hours and hours of I Spy, little kid style; Putamayo Animal Sounds (a must have) world music cd; She'll be Coming Round the Mountain; Adventures in Space; made up songs and children's songs galore.

The whole la-dee-da shindig started with a much anticipated trip up to Atlanta, which turned into a lovely stop in Marietta with my cousin Cecelia always ready with the spare room and whole milk Stoneyfield with the cream on top for the babes, on Thursday May 1st.

Then on to the meat of the matter, shooting up to Nashville to celebrate Dara Down's graduation from nursing school and oh what a time we had. We picked up our ace-in-the-whole surprise, Susan Walker who flew in from Colorado for the big event, and headed over to the graduate's house. It was a gathering of epic proportions. All the players were in attendance: Susan, Gail from Utah, Patty and LJ from Atlanta, and me from Jax. Mick, Dara's brother surprised her from New Orleans, Dave-o, his lovely wife Heather and their two babes were there and of course, Sean flew in from Ireland. Truthfully, I didn't know people still partied that hard! And got up in the morning for the graduation and the real party. And then the morning afta party! Who Knew?

Saturday was one of those movie set party days, picture perfect cool temps, crystal clear blue sky, and spring showing up right on time, food food and more food, children of every age everywhere-in the yard on the swings in the house upstairs downstairs underfoot and in your hair, children children everywhere. Jonny and his amazingly talented musician buddies jamming by the fire outside, henna tattoos at the dining room table, and pink make-up for all the babes. Only to be topped by late night sleeping children hotel talks and incredible grav-lox and the works for the morning afta party. And really, who can resist seeing three different sets of post-Atlanta babes playing together, children of mamas who have been as close as sisters for twenty years. Did I just say twenty years? Good God.

Here's to old school Atlanta buddies, reunions, and dear friends who remind me and will never forget (or let me forget) who I am.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

homeschool heaven

Ok, so can you get with my whole homeschool love for just a minute? I mean, can I get a witness? Note the dedicated school room building, the little "School" flag hanging (you can see it behind the easel), the little green leprechaun footprints on the glass door from St Patty's Day, the blooming flowers, the covered sand table behind Augustus, the lush lush lush gorgeous green surroundings, the fine mom walking out of the photo, a.k.a. Mandy, the goddess and patron saint of the Love the Earth Homeschool Preschool extravaganza. Not to mention the three artists at work.
Now that's what I call school!

papa time, tea time, and crazy tattoos

the naked and the smoothie tea party

body art baby, a perpetual favorite

Recently we came home and Ethan was on the roof sweeping off the leaves, acorns (that tend to grow into oak trees in the composting leaves), small branches and Spanish moss of our roof. As soon as Magdalena got out of the car she yells "Papa, can I come up there?" to which, before I could answer a reasonable No Way!, her papa says - sure baby, come on up! Um, ok. But before you climb a 12 foot ladder up to our roof, maybe you could put on shoes other than crocs? And something besides a tutu? So out comes Magdalena, in her best roof sweeping pink cowboy boots, flowery skirt and too-small pink tank top. Because that was the outfit I was thinking of.

The rest is self-explanatory

Friday, May 23, 2008

wow, a hiatus

So so so so SO! I went on quite the little hiatus, did I not? And why you might ask? Well, I believe I hit blog burnout. And not from my blog (obviously), but from all the Unbelievable Amazing Inspiring and Incredible blogs I have been reading. All of these amazing mamas, writing books, publishing books, knitting something new every day, making summer clothes for a small army of children, homeschooling, working in the studio, remodeling 100 year old farmhouses and documenting it all, in breezy, well written hanging-out-with-your-chums-style of writing accompanied by phenomenal photos, and well, I just checked out.
I would read these blogs and think, exactly what do you do all day? Eat bon bons and watch tv? I mean, it's not like I'm moving in slow motion but good god, I keep thinking: Why isn't the porch finished? the laundry finished? the dishes finished? dinner made? Let alone, knitting a fabulous something or other, making darling little felt crowns for our buddies, remembering it's my day to bring snacks to the homeschool gig and bringing something besides a block of cheese and a bag of apples. At least they're organic apples. Sigh.
Anyhoo, I just came to a screeching halt. Quit reading, quit posting and just now thought, hmmm... wonder what the old bloggesphere looks like these days. So here I am. Back. With many photos to post and stories to share and life to document. But with out expectation. It is so nice to do that.