Saturday, April 24, 2010

because I'm a slacker blogger

Because I'm a slacker in all things blogging, I now present you with a multitude of family life, a la Clan Barnas. For your viewing enjoyment, a photo essay, with a few words thrown in for good measure.

Magdalena, demonstrating her cackle, which is quite witchy and very wonderful and good for a laugh. Either that or this is Medusa, caught and buried by the Kracken.

Augustus, as buried by Uncle William, the Buddha.

Frolicking on the beach with said Uncle, William.

Triangle at it's best, x 2.

Ho Hum, another boring day on the island of piggy piggy. (c'mon, don't you remember the Hudson Brothers?) Or, another day in the life, another gorgeous beach. Visiting Grammy and Poppy down in Sanibel.

HAP East!

HAP is Homeschoolers Adventure Playgroup, started by L.A. Jess, out on the west coast of this wide wide world of our United States of America. When we were out there last year, we were so blessed to take part in some of the HAP activities. I decided, we must have our very own HAP! So HAP East was started, and off to a bang it is. Here is some of the regular and not-so-regular crew, getting sweaty on an elevated boardwalk out over the marshes of the inter-coastal waterway.
Easter and our annual photo, oh-so gorgeous children, lovely eggs and egg hunt.

Officially house hunting. Augustus, rocking the green and brown striped shirt, orange sailboat tie, and blue guayabera shirt as a jacket, jeans. Nice.

HAP East again!

This time, down by the river, enjoying the shade and gorgeous windy day.

Augustus said "I married Ellie today!". Mazel tov! May it be a boy!

Ahhh... the joys of shimmering face markers. Who needs a market day or a fair? Everyday is a party here baby.

Drum roll please....
And may I present, my most darling gorgeous boy, freshly shorn and showered, Augustus!

What a difference a day makes!

And visiting from the sunny north east, our darling family from Vermont, the Pollards!

All I know is, thank heavens Augustus cut all his hair when he did, or he never would have been able to get that lion's mane over his head of curls!
Redmond, Augustus's favorite human on the planet, who we will be seeing much more of in the coming months as she plans on attending University here. Yay!

Homeschooling at it's finest, I tell ya!

And what I hope to be our annual photo at the fish shack with our Vermont family! In case you forgot, you can see us here: (or not. hmmm...technical difficulties. Anyway, there is a very similar photo under Saturday, May 16, 2009, you can see the sign. Sigh)