Friday, October 23, 2009

recent bliss

My man rocks the house, as we all know, and one day last week I came home and Voila! a new digi camera had arrived! Yippee! So I downloaded the last of the photos from Tita's camera, will run through all the most recent magic that has occurred, and get on with the business of life and documenting the bliss of it all.

Seen here with George/Jorge, my darling Cuban cousin whom I adore, with whom we mourned the loss of his wife with, recovering and living life to the fullest again. Happy. And gorgeous. And successful.

Now on the to meat of the daily matter, life back in Chez Barnas and the homeschool groove getting up and running. And It Is Good. Yes, it is. As part of our regular weekly co-op, we've joined a children's studio. Frida and Augustus take a ballet/tap/jazz class and I tell you tap has been a revelation. Is there anything as powerful as making music with your feet? Behold the hoofers~

Augustus in all his dance glory

Frida has recently taken to watching dance videos on YouTube, and interpretive dancing her way through life. Then we put her in dance and gymnastics classes and well, now she interpretive and studied dances her way through life. From the first second of the first class, Frida has been committed. I mean C-O-M-M-I-T-T-E-D. She does exactly what the instructor says to do, and watches herself do it to make sure she is doing it correctly, and her determination is visible. Last week the instructor, miss Alexandra said, Frida is a natural. She's going to be a wonderful dancer, you can see it already. Right I said?

And now, may I present to you, our most fabulous newly minted four year old, flanked by his sister and cousin, wearing their oh-so-fabulous aprons from Grandma Fran? Perfection.

At our darling Eleanor's house, celebrating Augustus' birthday with the crew, simultaneously making a double batch of cupcakes for later celebrations and Allie's birthday the following day.

Magdalena opened her very delightful Princess flower garden from Uncle Neil, Aunt Tam, and the darling Ariella and is awaiting the blossoming of her flowers as we speak. And Augustus had a very astro oriented day!
We had our family celebration at our favorite park on the river, complete with magical silver stars, cake, ice cream, pressies, and much fun. It was so windy, the only way to light the special Happy Birthday candles was to do so under the table, protected from the wind. And here we are! Happy Birthday my darling son!

After an epic game of hide and seek, with some brilliant statistical maneuvering from Tita Jeanna - she used a ladder to climb a tree to hide and while not so successful because no one move the ladder, it was a very creative and innovative move; she also hid in plain sight in a group of people enjoying the park right across the sidewalk from us, brilliant and totally successful, I never saw her - hot coco with whipped cream, and a brisk fall day, we thanked the universe for a perfect day at the park and went on home.

Celebrating Allie's seven year birthday at her ballerina themed b.d. party with our regular crew.
Being a homeschooling mama, I will admit that most of Magdalena's friendships have been the arranged kind, as in, I meet a mama I like, we start hanging out and homeschooling together, and tell our children - here are your friends! We are so so soooo lucky that a park very close to our house offers homeschool p.e. once a week for preschoolers, and then separated age groups of boys and girls. So there we were, on Tuesday, present for Frida and Augustus's pre-school p.e. class, and Magdalena said, but mama, who am I going to play with? Enter Marlena. Sparklie, beautiful, middle child of a family of eight children, all boys save for her, and you could practically see the sparks fly! Magdalena and Marlena hit it off bigtime. They came to me and Marlena's mama and said, y'all need to put each others phone numbers in your mobile phones because we really like each other and have sooooo much in common and want to hang out. Where's your phone? Did you get her number? Okay okay, yes darling I got it. I present Marlena, Magdalena's first made-on-her-own-friend, at their first playdate together at the zoo. And a lovely time was had by all.

Have I raved about our homeschool group lately? I mean, have I really and truly gushed about these families, these women, these children? Have I really and truly put to words the unbelievable creativity, love, respect and rhythm that these mamas provide to our children? I haven't? No, you're right, I haven't because I've been too busy living it to write about it. So let me gush. Every Monday we gather, and the rhythm begins. Led by Waldorf mama extraordinaire Jen and hosted by amazing young mama extraordinaire Eleanor, we gather. We have a few minutes of hang out and get re-acquainted after the weekend, sit and give thanks and snack on delicious wholesome protein, veggies and fruit. After a teeny bit of free time time later, the littles - four of them -get dressed out for dance class and off we go to the studio. While we're gone, the big girls do a specific art or craft or handwork project, related to whichever seasonal celebration we're acknowledging. Then the big girls dress out, go to the studio for an afternoon of ballet/tap/jazz or Spanish class, ballet, and musical theater and the little ones regroup at E's house, do the same craft or art or handwork stepped down for their little hands, and then have lots of free play time outside while us mamas hang out and usually knit, sew, cook, work on whichever project we have going on, until supper.

Here they are, working on their gorgeous wonderful quality wet-on-wet water colors of resist-wax pumpkins for our All Hallows Eve fall festival.
After supper, we round up the littles, go pick up our respective bigs, and head home after a full day of creativity, community, love and learning. It is beyond words, how wonderful our day is, how beautiful the rhythm and flow, and how easily everything moves along with song and gentle words when the children have a knowledge of what is expected of them.

Earlier today I received one of the most dear phone calls I've ever gotten in my life. The phone rang, and I heard, ya know, I wanted to tell you that I realized you are one of my favorite people on the planet. And the person telling me that happened to be one of my favorite people on the planet. And she happens to be my sister, bonus.
Which got me thinking of so many of my favorite people on the earth. And got me thinking about how blessed we truly truly are. I mean, if you had told me, about 15 years ago that this would be my life, I would have probably thought you totally coo-coo. Who knew I'd be so blessed? Who knew I'd be so blissed? Who knew I'd find my way? Who knew I'd be blessed with such an amazing husband and such delicious children? Who could have predicted that one? Maybe the Magical King of Neverland, Augustus aka Peter Pan aka King Fancy Pants. And I'll leave it at that.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

at the end of the day...

At the end of the day, Key West is now, always has been, and always will be, spectacular. Yes it's changed. It's true, used to be a sleepy fishing village. Yes, we lived there in grand style in chopped up fabulous houses insanely cheaply and windsurfed all day and danced all night and some say it's just not the same. But, well, neither are we.
Now we are grownups. Now my mom is Abuela and I am mama. Now we have these gorgeous creatures to share our lives with, to show all the beauty of the world to; to spend time basking in the glorious ocean with; to be in awe of the sunsets with; to quietly watch the sun sink beneath the horizon, salty and tired, letting the day wash over us with and I couldn't imagine a richer existence.

Key West rules.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Easter in October

A friend of mine actually called me to check on us because the number she had for my mobile didn't work and I hadn't blogged in so long, she wanted to make sure we were ok. Thanks P., we're doing fine darling. And my brother-in-law asked me "So what's up with the blog?" I know, right? What happened to my weekly blogging commitment? Well, I started going to sleep at night (shocking I know) before 2am for my mental health and while I am not so irritable during the day now, I also have no blog posts! Sigh...

Anyhoo, since I don't have any new photos yet - still must retrieve them from Tita's camera, ours is broken and MIA - I thought I'd put up some as yet unseen Easter photos and just say Hello.


One of my favorite new traditions is growing actual grass in our Easter baskets. It is so fun to plant the soak the wheat berries, put them in soil in the baskets and watch that grass grow like crazy! And if we were super harvesters, we could then cut it and juice it and have our very own wheat grass juice, but we have more fun just letting it grow.