Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Has it been a week already? one of three, what a bargain!

What We Did The Day After The Day After; and, How I Learned Magdalena Wasn't Ready To Ride By Herself.

Magdalena's self-expression the Wednesday after the election, the Little Mermaid in all her land-lubber glory.

Later that week:
We went to the fair! Oh what promise of fun and sugar awaited us! Magdalena and Augustus first saw the fair the week before when we went to Obama rally at the coliseum, right next to the fairgrounds and Magdalena had not stopped talking about it. When can we go to the fair? Is the fair still here? Is the fair open now? Can we go to the fair today? Mama, when can we go to the fair?

So finally, we made the date. The day came, we picked up our buddies Mandy and Henry, and off we went, so excited for the fair! Perfect fair weather, just a hint of a chill in the air, a slight breeze, clear skies, perfect. We saw the duck races, we saw the pig races (hilarious), we checked out the alligator show (not so great), we ate cotton candy, a candied apple, and the bizarrely named "pig-on-a-stick". We went to the fun house and laughed uproariously and really really really loved it, it was my favorite part. Then we made a wrong turn onto the fairway and found ourselves at the kiddie roller coaster, The Worm. It looked way more like a caterpillar, but oh well. Mandy and Henry together, I look at Magdalena and she says, I can ride by myself! and she cheerfully got in the seat in front of Augustus and I.

The above shot is before the horror. Have you ever been strapped into a ride you could not stop? While your child is crying inconsolably in front of you? Begging you to stop the ride? You haven't? Enough said. Poor decision on my part? Uhhh, yeah. A learning experience for us all? Well, yes, now that you mention it. An opportunity to have a do-over when we go to Disney next week? I sure hope so.

And here is Augustus, laughing and loving every second of it. But then again, he was sitting snug as a bug up against me.

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  1. Oh, poor Magdalena. Poor you! That must have been so hard. But sounds like you had a lot of fun regardless.