Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Blogging 101

The resurrection/resuscitation/reinvention of this blog has me a bit perplexed.  This spot has always been a public place to journal online about my family our adventures our life our fun.  Photos have been as important to this space as words.

Now…facebook fills that space.  I update with quick fun photos of our family our fun our sheer fabulousness (really my children's fabulousness) and am ready to go deeper in a different direction here.  I just scanned photos thinking "what photos do I post?  What goes with transformation?" and nothing jumped out.  Ok so for now we have words.

The words that come this morning are "I forgot that I have to make a commitment to blog or blogging and documentation and writing doesn't happen."  That's right!  I forgot.  I'm not sure how often I'll come here, or how much will be in each post.  I just know that I need a record of how this is going so I can look back and gauge where we are partially by where we've been, what has been followed through on, what projects have been completed and what has followed by the wayside and what has been outright abandon and what has been rethought and/or retooled.

I just had a radical (for me) thought.  I should post photos of what my space looks like Right. Now.  (no not right now, gasp!  It's way too messy, it doesn't look good)  I post what is fabulous in my life, but then if our lives where pure fabulosa, then why would there need to be transformation I ask?  I need transformation because of the mess that accumulates when I am too busy to remember that home laundry rooms patios need to be orderly and clean - not spotless mind you, lived in is fine - but free of clutter because clutter keeps me stuck.  So enjoy.  The following shots are why we need shelves and order and structure and a regular chore list for us all mama and papa included, not just a chore list for my little people.  A chore list for life.  (there were lots more shots, but I couldn't bear to post more, blogger doesn't make it easy, or maybe I just haven't figured it out, but these are a nice representation, and also, in my defense, this is critical mass when the mess is at it's absolute messiest.)