Monday, June 29, 2009

the last bit, a Cap's refresher, and public transportation

Anne and Felix
I met my darling niece, Anne, and her man Felix and the baby in the belly. I have a niece that feels like my sister. I'm sure not to her, but to me because I don't always realize my age or that my darling brother Tommy married Ilona and started a family young. You know, young. So that means I have neices and nephews that are starting families. Ayyyy-yiii-yi! Connnnyyooo. Anne is gorgeous and funny and sweet and Felix is also. They are a beautiful couple and they are my family. Isn't that crazy? Good heavens could we be more blessed? Maybe, but that will come.

Anne and Luni both came outside and we were like, uhhh, did y'all plan that? And no, they hadn't. That is just who they are, and they are alike in all the most divine ways, as mother and daughter should be. You can't see them, but they are also wearing the exact same hot pink Puma flip flops. Swear.

Miami, or is it your-ami?

After a bizarre turn of events, I had the honor, the bitter-sweet honor I might add, of driving Tommy and Luni down to Miami to catch their flight back to Germany. I was mighty unhappy at the prospect of them leaving, so I had to spend every last second with them that I could. Here we are, at the international of the Miami airport. I think, in the end, we decided it was Our-ami.


Hmmmm...well, let's just say that the aforementioned bizarre turn of events is that my dear sweet darling mum is no longer in the relationship, dare I say marriage, that we were celebrating only a short time ago. Need I explain, not really. There would be too much to say. I will say there are broken hearts, a deep sadness renewed, and much healing and moving on to be done.

On what felt like the hottest day of the year, so far, with the highest humidity you could possibly imagine, we went out to Cap's, one of our family's favorite restaurants. Favorite from way back, one of daddy's favorites. We went to celebrate mama, our family, and the dear friends we have that we love and cherish. We didn't talk about our recent heartache, we didn't dwell on "how mom is", we didn't talk about what could have been, we talked about regular life, about stuff. Now that I think about it, it was almost a ritual of sorts, going into the past to get through the present, and allow the future. Svitzing, sweating, and sweltering, we gave silent praise to mama, silent thanks to daddy, and broke bread together, as the family we are.

I haven't yet mentioned probably my favorite part of Cap's, now that I am a mama. I don't often get to go out to eat and relax. Going out to eat can be fun, like a three hour Pilates class would be fun, moments of grace and euphoria, simultaneously achieved with blood sweat and tears. But oh that Cap's, well, Cap's is situated right on the Inter-coastal waterway, with this gorgeous little beach right there next to the deck. Right there, yeah, where you can watch your children and sit and relax. Yeah. And maybe even have a coffee, or an appetizer before dinner, and not worry that there is going to be an imminent meltdown or need for one two or three children to have to go to the bathroom either all at once or one after the other. Yeah, crazy, I know, but we can actually have a leisurely dinner out. Oh that Cap's, that Cap's done stole my mama's happy heart.

Three divinely wet and delicious and happy children, who also happen to love Cap's. Did I mention that the food happens to be incredible? No? Bonus.

(Can I tell you the craziest part? I always - dude - always have the beach bag in the back of the Mitsu. It's where it lives. So doncha know, the week before this event I cleaned the back of the car completely out so a washing machine would fit back there. Hence Augustus swimming in bloomers - which can I say is way better that his normal swimming attire which consists of his very tan skin that only has one tan line existing between his cute little butt cheeks - and Magdalena rocking the pink sari skirt suit)
Public Transportation

I am always looking for ways to spice up our urban adventure, and reducing our carbon foot-print to boot, so when Mandy asked us to host Henry for an afternoon playdate with us, I jumped at the chance to pack four children onto our fair city's finest public transportation. First, a skyway ride to the Main Downtown Library for story time and a river themed art class. Then on down to Hemming Plaza for our local Friday afternoon fresh market, yummy food, and art fair. After eating and listening to the live music and getting sufficiently roasted, we jumped back on the ole skyway to head to the main hub of the public bus system to hitch a ride on E-5, yellow line, to take us to the Kids Kampus for water and splash park fun, and a bike ride through the mini mock-up of the downtown built just for this purpose. What an adventure it was!
As you can see, Magdalena looks like an old pro, like, yeah, we ride the bus all the time and this is what I always do after the library whilst awaiting our next chariot. Ha!

Once we were on the bus the fun began, in earnest. Augustus said "this is like a roller-coaster!" I think, honestly, the best part was that they were in a moving vehicle, a rapidly moving heaving beast of a vehicle I might add, and they were not strapped in. Nope, nary a car seat or seat belt in sight. What joy! What freedom! What danger as Augustus attempted to move from one spot to another as the bus was coming to a quick and abrupt halt! Hi Augustus! Bye Augustus! I'm pretty sure he won't do that again. We did have a group conversation about holding on at all times after that, ya think?