Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sleeping Beauty, Max, Cinderella, fairy butterflies, wild rumpusing and candy candy candy

We left our house, Friday morning, in a swirl of pink taffeta and fur tails, two gorgeous excited children and one happy mama. Early Friday morning, the first words I heard through my sleep-deprived fog were "It's Halloween mama! I am soooooooooooo excited!". So off we went, me (a half-baked fairy godmother), a delightful Sleeping Beauty and Max.

Our regular downtown public library, the Main Branch, hosted quite the Halloween festivities for the children. They oh-so-rock. All the librarians were dressed up, some too well (scary witch Magdalena hid from, a regular librarian we know, but just too scary) and they set up a trick or treat scavenger hunt for the revelers. There was a parade around the fountain outside, then art/craft was making candy bags, then we got a hand-drawn map of the library with clues and questions. Each desk that had a pumpkin had candy for the trick-or-treaters and there was a fact to find out and fill in with the map. After successfully carousing four proper floors plus the basement for facts and treats, we returned to the children's section and got to pick out a book per child. Wow. Beautiful, new, illustrated children's books. The mission to promote reading is made a reality each and every time we visit. Our library is a magical and wonderful, full of people who love and cherish the children and do everything they can to make our experience fruitful and rich.

After the library festivities, we sojourned down to Heming Plaza, our favorite plaza downtown, for hot dogs and chips and candy candy candy.

There was dancing and magical play and performing and the wild rumpus was at hand.