Sunday, August 16, 2009

we are salty impermanent kingdoms

we are salty impermanent kingdoms

That caught my ear today while listening to A Prairie Home Companion. It's a line from poet Robert Bly and I remembered to document our impermanence.

We welcome the newest member of clan Barnas: Ariella Fiona Barnas. She is as delicious and wondrous as you might imagine.

A day of respite from un-Godly heat inside with the pros. Magdalena granny shot a strike. mmm-hmmm. That's our girl

The single most fabulous newly minted six-year-old girl on the planet. With her fairy garden birthday cake, doncha know.

Our darlings doing what they do best, being divine.

Cliched? Maybe. Delicious rich dark chocolate sheet cake surprise under all that whip cream? You betcha.

Patriotic and absolutely darling matching Fourth of July outfits for the children from the one and only Aunt Su-su and endless sparklers.