Friday, October 17, 2008

Didn't I mention the apples?

So I didn't mention the apples? Straight from the orchard? The not-certified-organic because they just grew in an old orchard near my friends Jessica and Mark's house and they were picked by Mark and his son Ben? How did I forget the apples?

We were to go over to Jessica, Mark, Ben and Maia's house Saturday before heading to Ashville. I call Jess and she says, well, Mark and Ben are out at this orchard where the apples are just rotting of the trees, so they're picking some. Some apples. So Many Apples. They had such an abundance of these beautiful, perfectly imperfect apples, I cannot tell you. Ethan called them "real" apples, as in, not the facsimiles we see in the grocery store, but real apples that have crazy skin and some have lumps and bumps and some (horrors!) have real worms living in them.

I have a friend here who has an orange tree in her back yard that basically produces all year round. Think about it. Never having to buy a fresh Florida orange. Just go on out back and pluck one from the tree.

It may seem elementary, or pedestrian or mundane, but we haven't had a garden since we moved here and I miss just picked fresh food, that isn't bought anywhere - farmer's market, health food store, green grocer, co-op, but that is just bounty from the earth. I was stunned by the apples at Jessica's house, maybe I over estimate, but to me it appeared there were hundreds.

She sent us home with a fair share of her bounty and I wanted to capture an image of what we had to share and as I was shooting our dwindling crop out came little hands to help themselves to a few, then a few more.

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