Saturday, October 25, 2008

celebrating three years three times, as it should be

Augustus's birthday fell on the Sunday of our last day of our NC trip. We woke up and had a lovely birthday breakfast of pancakes and sausage and hot coco and cafe con leche (for the mama!). The first thing Augustus saw was a gorgeous homemade card from Magdalena perched atop his Skuut, a two wheel bike without pedals, tied with a big white silk bow. I have to give you visual details because, somehow, that morning went without photos. He just kept saying thank you mama, thank you.
He and I were the first to awake and we had a bit of time together to ourselves that morning. We talked about the day he was born, how he came into the world, how excited we were to meet him. The yearly rediscovery of the the birth story is such a sweet way to celebrate their birthdays. They love every detail and want to hear it over and over.
Augustus was so sweet and shy about the bike, like Really, this is for me? We read his card, and checked out his Skuut, and he got on it and rode it around the cabin until we sat down for breakfast. After our eats, he and Magdalena and papa got all bundled up and went outside and rode and rode and rode. They came in pink-cheeked and breathless, told me all about it, and back out they went.

We had our homeschool buddy party at a park, and my camera was at home. Pictures to follow soon. Anyway, there was an incredible home-made pinata a la our lovely Rose, Dominic and Franco filled with playdough - that Rose, she is somthin' special. We had the most beautiful table full of food, a feast for our October birthday celebrants (Allie also). The children played at the playground, but after snacks they wandered off into a bit of uncleared beautiful natural Florida right behind the picnic area. They played games and make believe play and made up stories and plot lines, and we, Rose, Eleanor and I, spoke of our blessings and our gifts in this life, and how totally awesome our children are. It was a good thing.
We didn't have an official birthday cake yet so after the party, Magdalena and Augustus and Frida made (with a little help from me) Augustus's special request bd cake, chocolate cake with chocolate icing. It was probably the simplest cake I know how to make, but also one of the best. But this was one so so full of love because of who made it, and enjoyed immensely by all.

Then came the family celebration, at abuela's house with Tito Chuchi and Aunt Susu, Tita and Maco and Frida, and of course, Clan Barnas.

Aunt Susu and Abuela had the party ready to go, a decorated door and the perennial party favs helium balloons awaiting the birthday boy. No current Barnas birthday party would be complete without a cake that I cannot construct the way I want and a last minute save. Did you know you couldn't put liquid cake batter into springform pans? Well, I didn't. Now I do. Ask me how I know. Nevermind, suffice it to say that this is a rocket ship cake. Really, it is. Augustus believed me, and he loved it even though it wasn't standing up the way it should have been. Suffice it to say that thank goodness Eleanor suggested trying to make the cylinder jelly-roll style or I wouldn't even have had a cylinder cake form when the springform pans failed me.

Augustus shared the spotlight at his party with his papa. The celebration was also a bon voyage of sorts for my man. The party was Friday night and Ethan left early this morning for a three month technical training school in Texas. We had, in both his and Augustus's honor, ribs smoked with love by Suzanne and Anthony, and heavens they were delicious! We feasted, celebrated the third anniversary of the birth of Augustus, then sat at under the stars and listened to the ocean while the wild rumpus of Halloween parades began around us - abuela gave each child a Halloween flashlight, pumpkin head, skull head and Frankenstien head. The smokers smoked big stogies, we told stories, hilarious jokes I should have heard before but don't remember, and enjoyed each other tremendously.

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