Saturday, October 25, 2008

bearded pumpkins and a sleepy goodmorning goodbye

Did you all know that pumpkins, in a hot, humid environment, if carved on the 20 of October, won't last until Halloween? Well, now we know that also. But I have to say, other than the buzz of the flies covering the pumpkins, I think they look a bit ghoulish now, with the added effects. I just have a feeling they'll be more like surreal pumpkins come Halloween, think melting clocks, and I know I won't be reaching into any of them to light a candle.
Here is my sweet sleepy family. For Magdalena, even a slight dampness is cause for a fabulous coat, while Augustus is obviously impervious to any weather at all. Ethan didn't look this sleepy, but it was early. For us at least. We gave lots of kisses and hugs goodbye. We'll see how all this goes. Ethan said I couldn't just jump in the Mitsu and drive out there next week. Who me? Ok, I promise. I'll wait until December.
Until then, Ethan, until then we'll keep you close.


  1. Our pumpkins look like that now, too! Maybe it's a 2008 nationwide crop thing?