Thursday, August 2, 2007

Sea sky and sand

found treasure

two peas

We went to Hanna Park yesterday for a playgroup of two, I guess three if you include me, and the wonders that awaited us! There was a splash park and playground (two of them! as Magdalena recounts each and every time) and swings! We brought snacks for a small legion and water for 10 so we were set for the afternoon. After snacks and a break from the action, we packed it in from the inland activities and headed to the beach for late afternoon tidal pools sun and breezes.
Magdalena recently finished a 6 week kid yoga series and she is forever doing poses, everywhere and anywhere. And you know, I mean come on, it must happen, that Augustus is the perfect mimic so there were my babies, in the little pools, in down dog, up dog and boat pose.
Sigh. Who knew?

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  1. Oh my goodness your children are so incredibly beautiful! Love their hair blowing in the breeze. Can we make it a playgroup of 6 next time?