Tuesday, August 7, 2007

emerald green light and elephant ears

Augustus and Magdalena under the emerald green elephant ear

lush green and the lovebabes

Sigh. I wrote this post in the wee hours last night and Poof! it disappeared between "publish" and "you have successfully posted, view post".

Anyhoo. Me and my man got to go on a bona fide date Saturday and divine it was. We saw the super blockbuster Bourne Ultimatum and it was a fabulous thriller we loved it. We stood around Ethan's truck after the movie talking about the movie talking about stuff not kids not bills not career not the guard/school/active duty conundrum not life partner/husband/wife Stuff, but stuff with a little "s" and who knew how great that could be. Then off to Barnes and Nobles for good coffee and expensive magazines and oodles of kid-free grown up mellow at the coffee bar time. So so so good. Now we're recharged for another year or so. HA! I don't want to wait that long again.

Sunday showed up resplendent verdant green in our little corner of River Forrest (I found out that's the "historic" name of our neighborhood) with the man trimming back the jungle that is Florida and the chirrens creating magical misty green gardens. Huge elephant ear leaves fell over from weight and Augustus and Magdalena had sunshades to sit under and mats to sit on. Add water and outside kid furniture and all is carefree goodness no worries and freeplay.


  1. So so beautiful, Connor. Fionna would give anything for that play scenario. She's reading over my shoulder saying "Wow!"

  2. beautiful... I love elephant ears.. must plant some!

  3. Yay for your datenight! I love that you stood around the truck and talked, then went to B&N to read magazines. Tell us about your next datenight as well!

  4. Your kids are so beautiful Connor! Love the pics with the elephant ears!