Sunday, July 29, 2007

just your everyday Saturday

Friday night and my babies ready to snuggle down for the night and Magdalena
said Mama take our picture, so of course, I obliged.

I bought this crazy blinking tiara because Magdalena said she wanted a tiara not a hat for her birthday party. She loved it just as much when I found it two weeks after her birthday.

Today has been just your everyday Saturday, nothing unusual, nothing really different, and yet today felt so magical, one of those Saturdays that sets the bar for every other everyday Saturday. I got to "sleep in" until 8:30 with Magdalena, Augustus and Ethan coming in and crawling all over the bed to see what I was doing every ten minutes or so.

Then treat of all treats, Ethan took the kids to get doughnuts with him to the local doughnut shop located entirely too conveniently at the end of our block. After doughnuts, Magdalena and Augustus spent the morning taking a mud bath in the igloo cooler in the back yard. Magdalena asked me, in a pretty serious tone with a slight frown of her brow, Mama, when can I take a mud bath, um, inside? And I said Magdalena, even at the fanciest spas people always take their mud baths outside under the sun! So out they went, naked and ready for mud.

Abuela surprised us for an early afternoon visit and (horror!) did my dishes! God bless her and shame on me, dirty dishes from Friday at 12:30 on Saturday, oh well. In my defense I had become consumed with getting rid of stuff that has been piled up for months to go to the Salvation Army, so I was busy being productive. We then all, sans Ethan, went to the oh-so-wonderful downtown Main Library at 2pm for an afternoon of children's theater and reading of children's books in the children's section. I got to sneak off by myself to the adult section (gasp!) and borrow a book for myself by myself. It was a bit startling at first, how quiet it was, but lovely, really lovely.

We went shopping and stopped by a roadside shrimp stand for some fresh humongous local Florida shrimp to grill for dinner and the shrimp guy kindly took the heads off the shrimp for me, which, left to my own devices, would have taken two sets of tongs, rubber gloves and a couple of hours accompanied by non-stop shreiking. Good on the shrimp guy! But before he beheaded them all, I asked him to show a whole shrimp to the kids. Because this is how the conversation goes: What does corn come from? Corn. And chicken is chicken? Yes. What did spinach used to be? Always spinach. And hot dogs? Well, hot dogs come from cows sometimes, or pigs, or chicken or turkey, or sometimes from soy beans. Why (you can see this one coming) do they call them "dogs"? And shrimp are shrimp? What do lobster look like when they're shrimp? Hence the "hey Magdalena and Augustus, this is what a shrimp looks like before we take their heads off and boil them to peel and eat".
We actually didn't peel and eat them though. They were so huge they kinda freaked Ethan out a little bit. These were grilling shrimp, and they were super yum.
Do you see what I mean? Really, could a day be more magical than that?

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  1. No, a day could not be more magical than that.