Monday, August 13, 2007

So many firsts and traditional headwear

Magdalena as River in the Artoga production of an adapted African myth.

Augustus with traditional headwear

So many firsts. Magdalena's first day camp, first adapted play, first performance, first bevy of big-girl friends (every day when as we arrived I would hear shouts of Magdalena's here! Magdalena, come over here! Magdalena, come do handstands, Madalena, Andrea's *her best big girl* in the art room), first broken heart at the realization that camp would actually end. Magdalena lives NOW. Friday night, snuggling in for sleep, she just cried and cried with complete abandon because we weren't going to camp on Saturday. Then she stopped, and said can we see Abuela tomorrow? I always heard my children would be my greatest teachers, I just didn't realize that they would teach me on every level, in every aspect of living.

And Augustus, well, he thrills us daily with his innovative grooming and accessorizing habits. He favors the off-the-shoulder overall or tank top, multi-colored markings for his face and hands (good for his petroglyph reproductions) and brightly colored skirts or scarves or material on his head.

Life is so so so delicious.

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