Saturday, August 25, 2007

catching up and ditching colds

Augustus telling Sunday all about it

savasanah, Magdalena-comfy style

I cannot imagine where to begin. The kids got over their colds last week and I thought I had escaped unscathed, not true. Having a cold sapped all my late night online time so I have been remiss updating the universe to the wonders of life at Casa Rosita (what I just dubbed our heavenly little slice of dusty rose house in a dripping green world. it could evolve).

Augustus, however, has been busy schooling Sunday in some kind of important lessons, as always. This particular day he was actually sprawled out on top of Sunday, as if the cat were some kind of crazy purring fur blanket.

Our home yoga practice has taken on epic proportions. Magdalena spends more time preparing for savasanah than actually doing asanas. There are blankets, pillows and snacks. How very yogi of us. Nothing distracting during our practice, no way no how. The tail end of this cold is calling me to sleep. Better soon!


  1. I hope you feel better soon, babe. It's HARD being sick *and* being mom...

  2. That stance of Agustus... looks so familiar. Hmmmm

  3. savasanah is my favorite part too, in fact we have photos of kali (the dog) doing yoga (doga) with props, too funny!