Wednesday, December 3, 2008

cold enough for coco and a pink pancake morning

What I imagine Augustus will look like drinking coffee when he's 17:

Call me crazy, I think the above photo is hilarious.

Ok, so on to the post. Do you ever have one of those mornings or rather days when you just don't get out of your pajamas? No? Well read on, and you'll hear about a mama who does. This morning it was just cold enough, just brisk enough to really warrant a morning of hot coco for Magdalena and Augustus. And it just turned into one of those amazing slow mornings of breakfast, finally, at around 11:30, of the most luscious pink heart-shaped pancakes on the planet. Cross Jessica Seinfeld's beet pancake recipe with Joy's four-grain flapjack recipe and that is a pancake to be reckoned with, delicious to boot. Not for the faint of heart, they cook up to almost 1/2 inch thick of moist pink yumminess and I get to feel like a Really Good Mama and I Am Happy because my children are lapping up Homemade Pink Pancake Goodness with beets and ricotta cheese and eggs and whole wheat and oats with coconut oil subbing for the butter and all honey sweetness.

Along with our morning treat of hot coco M. and A. broke out the new alphabet stamp pad. I love homeschooling, did I mention that? We did a morning of stamping and letter identification (A) and sounding out and spelling (M) all before noon and still in our pj's. Lovely. Then on to the flapjacks around 11-ish and that is the recipe for starting a wonderful day. That after waking up slowly with both my snugly children glued to my sides in bed this morning, we are off to a rollicking start. I worked on being lazy, hard, worked on some crafty things I have going, drew a bath for Augustus and Frida not one time not two times but three times today, starting with immediately after the first round of pancakes around noon, ending with the last round of pancakes, around 3:00. My mom stopped by around 2:30-ish and Magdalena said we're having lunch to which I promptly said, well, it's really our afternoon snack. You know, because exactly what kind of mom feeds her children and niece lunch at 2:30? Well, the kind that feeds them breakfast at 11:30 I guess.
Did I mention also that Magdalena has opted to keep her hair short? We went and got her bob trimmed, she requested a "stacked bob", and the hair dresser said, "I've never heard a little girl say that". Right. So now on to our local old school barber shop where Augustus is raring to go to get his hair cut. Tomorrow. Really.
Oh, and how'd ya like the product placement in the lower photos? They really stand out to me because I don't buy juice boxes, unless we're actually at Starbucks and that's what they want, Auntie Su-Su brought them for the children after she went to Starbucks because she is such a sweetie.
So now it appears I have two sponsors for this post, the product placement of the Knudsen's (I think) and the shout-out for Starbucks. Can I get paid now?
pss. one more thing. Along time ago, a friend told me she wanted to comment and couldn't, I just figured out how to open up the "comment section"! So now anybody can comment, anybody! Just sign your name and don't say anything mean, or I might have to "edit" you.

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  1. What a great day! We have jammie days regularly, especially lately, but I must say yours sound much more productive. I'll have to try those pancakes, I love that cookbook. I agree that pic of Augustus is hilarious! You can compare pics when he's older and needing that cup o' Jo to wake up.