Wednesday, December 17, 2008

the adventure begins and a flashback

So I'm on a roadtrip, did I tell you I was going? Oh, I forgot to tell you too? Sometimes, I tell ya, that ol' noggin of mine...
Wednesday, December 10
We went to our first holiday party of the season and had a lovely time, but really the loveliest part of all was Magdalena, Augustus and Frida all dressed up in there Christmas finery, and trust they were, along with the grandchildren of the hostess, the life of the party. Quick visual, little to big because I must have dropped my mom card that night I did not take one single photo.
Frida: casual updo, simple, beautiful blue velvet and black silk little girl fancy dress (think Ralph Lauren) and black and tan wellingtons (galoshes)
Augustus: new little boy haircut, red and green plaid Christmas shirt, red sweater vest with white trim, khaki pants, black cowboy boots
Magdalena: gorgeous green silk headband with small flowers, gorgeous big girl Christmas dress - a warm sand colored dress embroidered with burgundy flowers and dark green delicate leaves, silk sash with a flower around the waist, embroidery finished hem (sent from Nana), sparkly "princess"shoes
It was lovely, like I said.

Thursday, December 11
Magdalena participated in the annual Waldorf Advent Spiral. (Once again, description only, no photos. What?) I'm not sure about y'all, but when I see about twenty 4-6 year olds sitting quietly on a step, reverently, listening to a small folk string ensemble play Amazing Grace and various other instrumental Christmas classics, get up one by one, receive a candle in an apple (picture a small apple as a candle holder, a chunk cut out of the top for the votive), slowly and reverently walk a beautiful spiral of fresh evergreen boughs to the middle, light (or pretend to light/go through the motions of lighting because the wind kept blowing them out) their candle, then place the apple candle on a small wooden cut-out star following the curve of the spiral, walk reverently out of the spiral, then sit and wait for the other twenty or so children to do the exact same thing, well, I believe I have witnessed a minor if not miracle, then Very Special Event. Needless to say, but it was lovely.
Full disclosure: I walked the spiral with Augustus after the children had finished (they went inside for a story, cookies and apple juice) to retrieve Magdalena's apple, and I must say, there was a feeling, a spiritual presence, a feeling for reverence and of reverence that came over us both as we walked that spiral. The wind was blowing, the full moon and stars above, and as we quietly and slowly, with purpose, walked the spiral, it felt like we entered a sacred space.

Friday, December 12
And the big day arrives! We leave for our roadtrip! Our adventure of the season, our holiday travels, our journey to see papa and family and friends all, well, almost all, points north and west.
Our ETD was 11am, shooting in actuality for noon, making it out the door after 2pm with no major meltdowns and a not-too-harried mama, I'd say a perfect take-off in that case. More to come on the roadtrip, photos and all. Right now we are at stop four, Nashville, TN and the children need tending.

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  1. Oh Connor, that is very nearly as good as any pictures would have been. I've always been a fan of word pictures anyway. I've seen Fionna walk a spiral before and witnessed a touch of what you describe, the focus and peace it brings. Happy travelling...