Monday, December 22, 2008

one from the road (or so I thought)

(Ignore that post date, that's when I started this post)
I wrote this blog entry early in the roadtrip under the mistaken impression that I would be updating regularly. I was obviously wrong. After 40 days and 7000 miles, we returned home two weeks ago and have been settling in ever since. My darling man returned home last Monday and life is sweet sweet SWEET, I do say. Just to have my family together, home, and back to the regular regular.
All is well.
Our first stop, in Atlanta Ga, with Lorie Jean and Harper and Addie, do you say? Smashing! We arrived much later than planned because, uh, we left much later than planned, but who cares? When one is in the presence of the Harris clan, time does not exist in it's natural state. Otherwise, how could one explain three little girls and two mamas up until 1:30-ish in the morning with nary a sad face or meltdown? Only fun and toys and play play play! Yes, Augustus missed out. He was such a trooper, he stayed up literally until we were about to pull into LJ's driveway, saying no mama, I'm not asleep, I'm staying awake to see LJ and Harper and Addie only for me to turn around to tell him We've arrived! to see him sleeping so soundly, not all the racket in the world could awaken him.

We presented LJ and the girls with the fruit of our pre-trip labors, beautiful (spoiler alert, if I'm going to stay with you on this trip, avert your eyes) hand-poured soaps. Notice I did not say hand-made. With good reason. I searched and searched for lye-free soap recipes, seeing as how I did not want to blind myself or one of my wee helpers, and was left high and dry. About to give up on the entire project, I encountered a book on how to "make" soap from already made soap! Imagine my joy, tempered with the thought that I was somehow cheating, but I bought the book and well suffice it to say that until someone gives me a fabulous lye-free simple and relatively easy soap recipe, this is the way to go for me! We loved doing them so so much that I want to make them for everyone! On the planet! They turned out so yummy and honey-y and beeswax-y and, well, delightful that I'm addicted to glycerin soap pouring. I guess you had to be there.


  1. I just knew you were back to loving life at home! It was so wonderful to see you and yours. I was looking at pictures of your visit just yesterday. Can't wait for next time.