Wednesday, September 17, 2008


My daughter inspired me yet again to Do Something. Today we had a day at the park with our friend Toni and we were hanging out, Toni and I, on the blanket in the grass under the (yes, I'm going to say it) gorgeous huge sprawling oak tree in the shade enjoying some much needed connection time. Magdalena and Augustus and Frida would intermittently descend upon us for icy cold water from the mason jar I guarded in the cooler and pistachios or soft boiled peanuts or cold orange sections and each child would inevitably crawl on/step on/fall on us each time and I would send them off to play at the playground.

Finally Magdalena had had enough and was ready for some interactive play so we decided to do a bit of theater there in the park in San Marco, under the huge shady oak tree. I said, so what shall we do? And Magdalena replied: I don't know...I want it to be about attachment parenting.

So we did. We performed a short on the spot play about attachment parenting and the cycle of life. Then we did it a second time with Frida and Augustus joining the cast.

I thought, what a great thing. And I thought, I have this whole thing going on in my life that is not my life, but my participation in this greater thing called Attachment Parenting International and there is so much to say about it. So much to say by me, by other members, by families by mamas and papas and children and grandchildren and sisters and brothers and nannies and so here is the latest blog


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