Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Late Sunday afternoon, after dinner out at my mom's house, Magdalena, Frida and I went down to walk on the sand and stare at the rising full moon and the surf. The surf has been huge ever since Hannah blessedly passed us by, and Sunday it was no different. There was so much sea foam, we were walking in it and feeling how light as air it is and trying to pick it up and Magdalena said "it must have been a mermaid" because isn't all sea foam former mermaids? I'm not big on the animated "Little Mermaid" that has taken over our collective storytelling. My mom has a pre-Disney Little Mermaid and we randomly pick up Little Mermaid books while we're at the library so it was a revelation to me that I had never actually read the Little Mermaid, in any of her forms, so I was unaware of the sea foam/mermaid connection.

Today, when Augustus fell out at 5pm which is one of my least favorite things, (he's transitioning out of napping, I guess, and doesn't want to take a nap at a normal time like noon or 1pm, no, he has to crash at 5 or 6pm and then wake up, eat some food, and stay up until 11:30 or so. wow, such fun) Magdalena said "mama, don't you want to go swing on the hammock with me?" which of course I did and promptly dropped whatever it was I was doing to join her. We were laying on the hammock under our Blanca banana tree and oaks, looking up to the sky and watching the random plane fly by.
me: Look, there goes a plane.
MJB: Is it a writing plane?
me: No, it's a jet, flying people.
MJB: No, it's not a jet. There's no fire. Fire is in so many things... Fire breathing dragons, jets, what else mama? Oh yeah, fire places, fire pits. What else?
me: What about what you were playing with playclay by?
MJB: Oh yeah, candles. Candles have fire.

Magic. Did I mention my daughter is pure magic?

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