Saturday, September 27, 2008

get your game on

Today is The Day, Magdalena's first Gator football game. You have no idea. I mean, this is crazy crazy crazy. My mom and dad are/was huge Gator fans. Jeanna and Anthony are huge Gator fans. Me? Not so much. I mean really, not so much. Like, I can't actually watch the games because of PTSD from when I was growing up and you think I exaggerate, well I do not. If the Gators lost, my dad would take to bed Saturday afternoon, only to surface Monday morning to go to work. There was whole period of my youth (any Gator fan will remember it) when it was like we were in constant mourning because the Gator football team was sooo bad we didn't even go to games. So I'm not a big Gator fan, and like my dad used to say of musical talent (his dad had it, Anthony has it, he did not) I guess the Gator fan gene skipped a generation because Magdalena, without any prompting from me, trust, loves football. She loves the Gators and gets all smiley and excited if she hears anyone say "Gators" or "Jaguars", in reference to the teams. She'll ask on a regular basis if there is a game coming up or are we going to Abuela's to watch a game or is Tito Chuchi or Tita or Abuela going to a game soon?

You can imagine her joy when Abuela asked if she could come to a game this season. Well of course! She has been asking for weeks when is my Gator game day? How long till September 27th? And then last night, "I am just so excited I am overwhelmed!" I should mention that it is Ethan's first game also, so they are getting to have some fabulous papa/daughter time and experience together. So here they all are, off for the big day, tail gate party supplies in hand, Gator colors and attire on and ready to cheer on the Gators. Goooooooooo Gators. Daddy would be so proud, man, I know he's smiling down on his little Gator granddaughter from heaven, and on us all.


  1. how sweet! Did she have fun??? well, of course she did!

  2. so who one on the special day? LOVE the story, brought tears to my eyes and so many smiles too!