Monday, July 28, 2008

one five year old, three parties, and one Artoga camp week; part III: the birthday parties

The Cake

So remember, in the birthday post, I mentioned that Magdalena doesn't eat cake? Well that doesn't mean that she didn't want a fabulous cake. We saw this crazy castle cake in a magazine, Cookie Magazine (which is a bit precious for me, I mean, I don't think I fit the movie star/rock star/super model mom demographic) and decided that we needed to do a castle cake for the Five Year Birthday. Well let's just say I do not think I will ever bake a cake out of a magazine again, only out of cookbooks, but the end result was really fun and pretty wonderful.

the family birthday crew, with about 1/4 of me

The Sunday after Magdalena's birthday and Artoga, we had our extended family birthday. It was lovely and we got to honor our newly minted five year old and I got to revel in the glory that is family. This is why we moved here. I know you, all two of you, folks who read this blog might get bored by the constant parade of family events but really, that is why we are here! That is why I drug my oh-so-incredible mountain man/desert rat of a husband here to the swamp. Family. And the fact that there are other Barnas' within driving distance is, well, icing on the cake.

I didn't get a good photo of them, I will have to another day, but Magdalena, Augustus and Frida are all wearing shirts made by Aunt Su-su. Suzanne has surpassed all crafty expectations and showed up with custom shirts for each child. Magdalena's has pink bandanna butterflies across the bottom, and one big one on the back, Frida's has flying lady bugs, and Augustus' has leaping frogs and a gecko. They are amazing and the babes love them, they each had to put theirs on immediately.

Magdalena, ready to blow out five candles
So everybody swam and played and frolicked while I wrestled the cake into some semblance of a castle, after it crumbled, broke and hemorrhaged into a 1000 little pieces. Nothing a bit, ok, a lot of frosting, sprinkles and candy couldn't fix, with some structural support from Suzanne.

a beautiful bamboo purse, a gorgeous collaborative piece from Aunt Su-su and Tito Chuchi

the homeschool/library crew, Jen with Soren, Jaya, Magdalena, Lulu, Ellie, Sage, Dominic, Rose, and Franco, with Kimberly, Annabelle outside the frame, listening to Henry's story

The Friday after Magdalena finished Artoga, we had her third and final birthday party. The party was for her to celebrate with her friends, to celebrate their friendships, their growing relationships, each other. We are so so blessed to have such an amazing crew of families to raise our children with. These mamas inspire, encourage and exhilarate me. I am a better mama through my friendships with them.

Henry, spinning a tall tale

While waiting for me to get the party lunch together, Jen did story time in French (unfortunately, I only caught a second of that, I'd like a repeat performance one day when I can sit and watch:) , then Rose read a birthday book that Dominic wanted to share with Magdalena for her birthday, then the children took turns telling their own stories, and Henry was captivating to his audience.

the gorgeous mamas and babes, Kimberly and Annabelle, Jen and Soren

Dominic and his monkey plate

post pool pre-lunch festivities, and Magdalena in her birthday Lily

Let the beach fun begin!

pure heaven, happiness, running and jumping and squealing and splashing

one smashing success, wonderful day, party, birthday, and celebration.


  1. Life is good.
    Life is good.
    Life is good.

  2. what she said
    what she said
    what she I miss you all. muah