Tuesday, July 1, 2008

a few things

No photos with this post, just a few things.

:: how Augustus says yes "des"

:: Magdalena hugging and kissing me, abuela, Tito Chuchi, Aunt Su-su and Augustus during mass, saying, I love you, to each person

:: how last night, after dinner, Magdalena and Augustus donned long sleeves and long pants and gloves to brave the wild that is our back yard and help papa clear the overgrown weeds and vines.

That's what got me thinking. I want to write one of those "in this I believe" essays for "independent producer Jay Allison". That's how I always hear it in my head.
I believe in Augustus laying on his belly to poop.
I believe in how he puts his hands behind his head, in a satisfied, life is good manner, before he falls asleep.
I believe in how Magdalena big sisters.
I believe in her liquid brown eyes, her pixie hair cut, and how she says "now that's what I'm talking about", just like her papa.
I believe in the perfection of our imperfect life.
I believe in my husband. My hot, 31 year old solid rock of a hard workin' man husband.
I believe in great, um, intimacy.
I believe that my life is a blessing, every single second of it. Even the ones I don't think are blessings.

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  1. That's awesome. I love your appreciation of life. It's beautiful and so inspiring to read. It IS the little things.

    The canoe looks like SO much fun! I'm a jealous desert rat!