Thursday, August 7, 2008


We're in Key West, no photos yet, just an overheard conversation. We've met a lovely family here, Lynn, the gorgeous grandmother, and her grandson Aidan. We've spent many hours with them in the pool and by the beach, diving after dive sticks and building sand castles. Magdalena calls Aidan her Best Friend. Anyhoo, we went to check out a dive trip that includes shallow water snorkeling and sea kayaking from a small catamaran, and later that night we met Aidan and Lyn down at the pool for an evening swim. Aiden was leaving and this short exchange followed:
Aidan: Magdalena, I'll see you down here tomorrow.
Magdalena (hands folded in front of her chest): Actually, I won't be available tomorrow, we're going kayaking.
Crazy muffled laughter.
Me: uuhhh, Magdalena, we're not going kayaking until Friday.
Magdalena: Oh great! I'm available! See you tomorrow.

Maybe you had to be there, but the whole folded hands actually-I-won't-be-available part just killed us.
More soon


  1. ok that cracked me up...she is seriously diva like her memo....she does get it from me i'm sure. lol....crazy with the octopus. how fun!!! And can I say that pool action sounds exactly like my idea of a vacation. xoxoxo we miss you and want to see you soon. xoxoxo

  2. BTW.... that little boy of yours is dreamier every time i see a new pic. xoxoxo