Saturday, July 5, 2008

ode to papa, part two: Father's Day weekend

So exactly what did we do for Father's day? Well, I guess we didn't take any photos, that's one thing we did not do. For Father's Day we honored the papa. Magdalena, Augustus and I made papa breakfast in bed. And I don't mean cereal and a grapefruit. We made waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream (the kind that comes in a carton and is whipped up by the mama with some maple syrup and a hint of vanilla), warm maple syrup, thick cut bacon, and one cafe Americano. We all had breakfast in bed, and what a delicious, sticky mess it was. I think Ethan actually got back in bed at the urging of the children who had been looking forward to breakfast in bed for what seemed like weeks. We also did not do any of the things that I assume we would do for a holiday, like go to my family's house for dinner, spend the day out doing "fatherly" things, or any one thing in particular. We hung out. We ate together. And we did whatever papa wanted. And it was a Supremely Beautiful Day.

Now what we did the night before Father's Day, well, that's another story. That's when we did what my version of Father's Day would have been. We went for an incredible late afternoon canoe trip with the Houston's through the marshes of the inter-coastal waterway.

our first canoe outing together, the Houston's and the Barnas': a tale of two canoes, two Mitsus, and two papas

Since I knew if we truly celebrated the father in our family we would not be doing any major family stuff, Jeanna and I planned a late afternoon canoe trip the evening before Father's Day. We put in around 5pm and canoed against the tide and the wind, a bit chagrined I must say, to then be excited beyond belief to find the little beach Jeanna and Dave told us about.

Magdalena, Augustus, Jeanna and Frida Loving the water

the mamas and the babes

The little beach was perfect perfect perfect, a perfect little oasis. Sandy bottom, little fish swimming everywhere, clear green water, what more could we ask for? We pulled the canoes up and hit the water. Magdalena had her suit on but the littles were naked as jaybirds and twice as happy. We set out our blankets and had a picnic dinner feast looking out over the water and the marshes. We feasted and relaxed and laughed and told stories and just sat and marveled at how beautiful the world is.

the Barnas'
the Houston's

The sun was setting as we canoed home, with the wind, with the tide, slowly, gently, lovingly, easily. The babes were mellow, happy, sleepy, full. We paddled back to civilization and a minor meltdown, but otherwise, another brilliant canoe trip and still the greates birthday gift ever.

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