Saturday, June 28, 2008

a mother's day interlude

I'm wearing my brand new "World's Greatest Mom" apron, a la Fran, Ethan's mom, and loving it, baking up a storm with my apprentice baker.

The week before Mother's Day we received a package from Fran, Ethan's mom, choc full o' goodies for the children and this great apron for me. I'll try (ahem) to live up to the title. I realized looking back over the last few posts that I started a Mother's Day post and never finished it so I figured what the heck, better late than never. We arrived at my mama's house, ready to bake with my favorite bakers and my favorite ingredients, and it was on!

the reasons I get celebrate Mother's Day

let's bake something chocolate!

We baked up a storm, well, really only one insanely delicious chocolate cake with a crazy chocolate glaze from JOY! that one can eat hot over ice cream immediately after it is made, cooled to room temp on a cake, or cold right out of the left-over jar in the fridge. Now that's my kind of frosting.

the ultimate helpers

Magdalena and Augustus must have gotten my mom's cleaning gene. They love to do dishes, wipe counter tops, wash walls, and mop and sweep floors. I say give 'em the tools and let 'em have at it! No, seriously, that's what I say. Magdalena, Augustus and Frida each have their own nice bright sponge with a scrubby side under the sink in the bathroom and access to a mild child-safe (what'd ya think, bleach?) cleaning solution for all those times that they Must. Clean. Walls. I tell you my bathroom walls, from about four feet and down, are shiny clean. It is literally hours of fun, with a little cleanup direction on my part when it is all finished, and Voila! sparkly sink and walls and parts of the floor.

our family Mother's Day Celebration photo. sorry about the date across Frida's face

We had a lovely day and feast and celebration celebrating the mamas in our life, and all mamas that came before us.

PS. isn't it crazy to go backwards and see Magdalena, with all those curls and long hair, now that we know her as the little pixie she is?

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