Saturday, August 16, 2008

sea kayaking, sailing and a first snorkel trip

Another batch of Key West photos, these from Aunt Su-su's camera. I forgot, shockingly, my camera for Magdalena and Augustus' first snorkel trip, and wouldn't ya know, Suzanne's camera's batteries were on their last legs, but we got a few shots, just enough to get it on film, or digital bytes, whichever.

classic Key West sunset sisters rockin' the sea kayak, Anne/Abuela and Aunt Nancy

We were in the Key West Marine Sanctuary, on the Java Cat, check it out here:

While this is a great shot of my mom and aunt, it does not do justice to where we are. The water is only about 4-6 feet deep and crystal clear. It gets significantly shallower as we paddled to the mangrove islands.

Augustus and Aunt Su-su

I originally uploaded these photos after the trip, then came back and wrote a wonderful blog about it all, then it went poof into ether when I hit "publish post". I logged off only to avoid the whole kit and caboodle until now because I had written a long, beautiful, heartfelt post and I was a bit discouraged to say the least when auto save did not work and I lost the words. But they were only words and suffice it to say that my children's first open water snorkeling trip/sea kayaking trip was a mad success, with brilliant quotes and open water meltdowns and a beautiful time had by all.

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  1. I know I'm a day late, but happy, happy, happy birthday!!! If you even received a fraction of the light and love you put out, it would be an amazing amount! See you in a few months?