Sunday, June 8, 2008

road trip, part deux

Magdalena and Augustus with Ben, Jessica and Maia

From our Nashville extravaganza and stimulus explosion, we headed on over to the Ashville/
Waynesville area of North Carolina for a stay with our BFF's from Alamogordo, Jessica and Mark and their two beautiful little ones Ben and Maia. We went from the full throttle reunion throwdown of Nashville to a settled down gorgeous chalet in the woods/mountains with quiet from within and without except for the jubilant cries of two bigs one toddler and one little running jumping throwing bumping and generally living it up kid-style with a hike to a Koy pond that turned into a swimming expedition for Magdalena and three children walking home almost naked because hey, if one person gets to walk home in only her panties, doesn't everybody?

I always forget how much I love love love North Carolina until I arrive there and ahhhhh, oh yeah, that's right, I Love the Smokies baby, love love love them. It is so incredibly beautiful, and Mark and Jessica have such a beautiful gig going. It is special, and very different from what I'm living - flat, hot, beach, city, busybusybusy, family. I wouldn't change what I have for the world...but, ya know, have you ever been to western North Carolina? Nuff said.

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  1. i want to walk home in my panties...i think of that almost everyday now that it's 100 f****** degrees out and i'm in menopause.