Friday, May 23, 2008

wow, a hiatus

So so so so SO! I went on quite the little hiatus, did I not? And why you might ask? Well, I believe I hit blog burnout. And not from my blog (obviously), but from all the Unbelievable Amazing Inspiring and Incredible blogs I have been reading. All of these amazing mamas, writing books, publishing books, knitting something new every day, making summer clothes for a small army of children, homeschooling, working in the studio, remodeling 100 year old farmhouses and documenting it all, in breezy, well written hanging-out-with-your-chums-style of writing accompanied by phenomenal photos, and well, I just checked out.
I would read these blogs and think, exactly what do you do all day? Eat bon bons and watch tv? I mean, it's not like I'm moving in slow motion but good god, I keep thinking: Why isn't the porch finished? the laundry finished? the dishes finished? dinner made? Let alone, knitting a fabulous something or other, making darling little felt crowns for our buddies, remembering it's my day to bring snacks to the homeschool gig and bringing something besides a block of cheese and a bag of apples. At least they're organic apples. Sigh.
Anyhoo, I just came to a screeching halt. Quit reading, quit posting and just now thought, hmmm... wonder what the old bloggesphere looks like these days. So here I am. Back. With many photos to post and stories to share and life to document. But with out expectation. It is so nice to do that.


  1. My blog should make you feel better, at least! My sink sure isn't getting shined every night! I'm glad you're back. I missed you.

  2. don't ever go away again. xoxoxo