Saturday, May 24, 2008

papa time, tea time, and crazy tattoos

the naked and the smoothie tea party

body art baby, a perpetual favorite

Recently we came home and Ethan was on the roof sweeping off the leaves, acorns (that tend to grow into oak trees in the composting leaves), small branches and Spanish moss of our roof. As soon as Magdalena got out of the car she yells "Papa, can I come up there?" to which, before I could answer a reasonable No Way!, her papa says - sure baby, come on up! Um, ok. But before you climb a 12 foot ladder up to our roof, maybe you could put on shoes other than crocs? And something besides a tutu? So out comes Magdalena, in her best roof sweeping pink cowboy boots, flowery skirt and too-small pink tank top. Because that was the outfit I was thinking of.

The rest is self-explanatory

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  1. did i really get to see these gorgeous kids swim from your womb? omg....beautiful and btw i loved homeschooling my kids anddddd i loved it when they went to school but i would never change the fact i homeschooled. they are proving to be pretty cool semi adults.