Saturday, May 24, 2008

homeschool heaven

Ok, so can you get with my whole homeschool love for just a minute? I mean, can I get a witness? Note the dedicated school room building, the little "School" flag hanging (you can see it behind the easel), the little green leprechaun footprints on the glass door from St Patty's Day, the blooming flowers, the covered sand table behind Augustus, the lush lush lush gorgeous green surroundings, the fine mom walking out of the photo, a.k.a. Mandy, the goddess and patron saint of the Love the Earth Homeschool Preschool extravaganza. Not to mention the three artists at work.
Now that's what I call school!


  1. Connor, love the blog and the photos. That picture of that handsome Ethan and beautiful Magdalena on the roof is priceless. I've been checking for your blog and I'm glad you're writing again.

    Our backroads touring of Arizona has been so much fun. This weekend we're in Tombstone for Wyatt Earp Days. Lots of folks dressed in cowboy costume of the late 1800's. Tomorrow is the big chili cookoff but today I had a taste of Hatch green chili which was great.

    We love you guys, Grandma Fran and Grandpa John

  2. Hey Connor! Remember me? I just found your blog and I love it. Your photo of the kids at the beach is so beautiful! And I love the homeschool, hope to do that w/ Michael here soon. Here's already 3 1/2. My how time flies. Anyway, your children are gorgeous and look very happy in FLA. Visit my blog chocoeyes. Hope to talk to you soon.