Thursday, July 19, 2007

Miami Beach and a four year old daughter

We spent the weekend in Miami Beach just like when I was growing up when we spent one week every summer, surrounded by my Cuban cousins, under a tent city of umbrellas in the sand, just hanging out on the beach all day. Kids running around, in and out of the pool, playing hide and seek in the hotel, the grownups at the tiki bar or in the water, just being there. It was glorious.

My darling husband was holding down the fort at home, working and doing his guard gig, and he created the world were I could just jump in the car and take the kids for a long weekend of heaven with family they never met before. Magdalena could not believe her eyes ears experience of this abundance of cousins, big kid cousins and little kid cousins and cousins who didn't even speak English, my god! could there be such a thing?

Then the truly big even, the four year birthday. Scooting home from Miami early so we would be home to spend the big day with papa, we awoke Monday morning to a world anew, one with a four year old girl. wow

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  1. I love you Connor! Inspiring as usual :)
    Long lost jana :)