Tuesday, November 24, 2009

giving thanks. everyday

I've been doing this (almost) daily post leading up to Thanksgiving on my facebook page. It's a daily entry on being thankful, having gratitude, which for me really translates to being present. When I'm present, when I'm in the moment, oh the gratitude. It's unavoidable really, an all-consuming reality, this gratitude. I don't actually live there in . I have moments, flashes of grace, a halting of the race in my heart and mind and I'll think, oh yes, this is perfect, this life. This blog has always been a realization of those moments for me. Soul Expanding Life and Loose Ends Flying gives me a place to stop and document the grace, and the facebook page has upped the ante in an interesting way - a daily 420 character or less gratitude post. Get in get out, go where the action is, short and sweet baby.

I fell away from blogging because I had an expectation of the posts. An expectation that they be a certain way or a certain thing, so I found myself resenting the time and effort, hence the avoidance. Could I be more predictable? What the break in blogging gave me was a fresh perspective and a reminder of why I'm blogging, who I'm blogging for, and the payoff for me, my family, my friends and the random readers that might visit. That payoff is a document, visual and written, of our pedestrian mundane glorious and grace-filled life. And that, it seems, is enough.

From the top:
Eleanor's delightful Apple Pie With Stars. Yum.
My favorite Soren on the planet, more than Kierkegaard.
Wow, I guess I didn't realize it was still Halloween. Oh wait, it's not. That's right, Augustus told me in absolute intense seriousness - mom, I'm turning into Peter Pan in real life.
What Eleanor has dubbed the "Seasonal Susan", with the season in full swing.

I am thankful.

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  1. I so agree- blogging as away of realizing gratitude. I can't help but be thankful as I post about my little family. Good to hear your back with a fresh perspective.