Friday, November 13, 2009

and a bit more...

Some pre-Halloween celebrating at Tita's house for pumpkin carving and preparing for Samhain. Which I recently found out is not pronounce Sam-hain, strangely enough, but something like sa -wayn. Feel free to correct me, I don't have all the little pronunciation keys on my keyboard or if I do I am not going to hunt them down. I digress. A celebration of harvest and fall and Jack-O-Lanterns.

This year Magdalena decided that she actually loves touching and feeling and scooping out the pumpkin guts. Oh what joy! And the picture of Frida, long hair and naked body and hands in the pumpkin? Well I do seem to remember an almost exact same photo of her mama from years ago. Aahhh, the cycle of life. It is good.

Finally, our Halloween Eve sojourn to the Zoo Spooktacular with Butterfly Tita and Tinkerbell.

Here we have the Captain of the Lost Boys aka Peter Pan, Butterfly Tita, Tink, Mrs Darling and Tiger Lilly. Did I mention that life is good?