Wednesday, February 4, 2009

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Have I mentioned that our cross-country trip was a bit of a study of American family life, family structure, diet, and culture? And did I mention that my dearest and darlingest friends family styles/structures/diet/culture careen wildly from one end of the spectrum (whichever spectrum, pick one) to the other? From extremely low media exposure and no screen time (tv, computer, video game) to the full expression of America's marketing's finest and conventional screen time? I must say, we did manage to transition seamlessly from one to the other, and for that I credit my darling children's ability to make themselves comfortable wherever they are and our major road rule - the "when in Rome" edict I made at the beginning of the trip. Meaning, when we're in your back yard, we play by your rules. If you drink cow milk with every meal, then have some milk. If you must wear shoes to go outside (because of goatheads and whatnot), we wear shoes. If you can jump on the beds and eat outside the kitchen, well enjoy enjoy enjoy! If you can watch the Simpsons, well then of course...wait a minute, really? Allright, I did say...

From the rural mountain retreat-like hideaway of the LaShell family, we drove to Nashville for a glorious ruckus with Clan Downs - Jonny, Dara, Caolan and Ruairi, and glorious it was. We were presented with gifts of make-up and chocolate and footballs right off the bat, and need I say it was on? Magdalena and Augustus had been talking about Ru for weeks and there was no need for introductions.

Jonny, the talented and wonderful musician that he is, was singing some Christmas songs, playing guitar, practicing for a fundraiser for a local school that Dara signed him up to do, and Augustus was in awe! (uh, why yes, that is my son, Augustus, in the pink velour and purple tule with purple satin trim and fluffy pale green tule cap sleeved Disney Fairy costume, so good of you to notice!) Anyhoo, Augustus came silently down the stairs, slowly rounded the corner, and just stared at Jonny playing, mouth agape, until he processed exactly What. Was. Going. On. And that would be live music to dance to so dance he did!

Magdalena experienced her first Daisy Scout meeting with Ru, while I met my sister from another mother at a local coffee shop. We both bought our vintage glasses from the Bleeker Street flea market, we had lived in the same places, and we both love Fluvogs. What a lovely coffee, just a bunch of moms (and one manny) having coffee and chatting and laughing while the girls were in Scouts. Is that legal?
After not enough time and too much fun, we took leave of our darling Downs family and headed off to meet papa in Wichita Falls, TX. It took us two days to get there, and on the third day we headed, now with Ethan, to Alamogordo, our old home sweet home, for a morning and afternoon with some of our dearest dearest friends. As you can see, Magdalena and Augustus are dressed in full regalia and mixing it up with Maria.

Our Alamogordo family was witness to the most significant events of my life: my marriage to Ethan and the births of my children. These folks met me first as Ethan's girlfriend, welcomed me as his wife, and have been family to me and my children. They were my neighbors, confidants, support system, emergency childcare, and cat-sitters. This photo holds more love than I knew possible.

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  1. Hi there -- I am hoping you can help me get in touch with a very dear friend of mine that you mentioned here in this blogpost -- Dara Downs...she and I lost touch about 10 years ago, and just now when I tried to do a Google search on her and Johnny, I found your post about this visit back in '09. If you would be so kind, please send Dara and/or Johnny an e-mail, and let them know that Fauve is trying to track them down and say hello! My e-mail address is, and on FB, they can find me under Fauve Holihan.

    Thank you so much for any help you can give me!