Monday, February 9, 2009

a bit from today

No photos, I was a bit of a lazy mama today, but it was just such a lovely lovely lovely day at the zoo that I want to say what a lovely day it was! Funny, but I still feel like we're "getting back into the swing of things" and here we've been home for three weeks! No, wait, today was the first day of week four being home. Doesn't it feel like we should be well into the swing? I dare say, time does fly by. Ok, whew. I just checked the calender and today is the first day of our third week home, that doesn't feel quite so slow off the block to me, not quite as sluggish, if you know what I mean. Well, wrong again, it is the first day of our fourth week! Good heavens! So I have been home a full three weeks and still figuring out where stuff goes! But in our or rather my defense, we did bring home an entire car load of stuff that we did not leave with, which means an entire car load of stuff has to leave to make room for the car load of stuff that came because in somewhere around 850 square feet of living space there is not room for the new without letting go of the old.

I have two friends whose blogs I follow, you can check them out, they're both on the side bar, who recently posted about their weekly schedule. Hhmmmm....weekly schedule...hhhmmmmm...weekly schedule...yes, yes, uhhh, yes I do believe I've heard of those things, like, where a person or family or group of people do a similar thing each day or week together or separately, yes, I do believe I am familiar with that concept. Familiar, mind you, not a working knowledge of, but yes, familiar. HA!

But I digress. I was talking about today, the loveliness of today, at the zoo, with Eleanor and her two daughters Allie and Kimberly, Bianca a recent addition to our group of mama/women friends, Rose with darling sons Dominic and Franco, Shazza with her sweet Trinity, and clan Barnas (us, of course, sans Frida). It was mostly our homeschool crew from last year, minus a few, with a few new, and it was a gorgeous winter Florida day - bright blue sky, warm sun for the bones, and a bit of heat truth be told, I was starting to almost sweat running up and down the slides in the play area with Augustus. We all kept saying, oh how we've missed this! The familiarity of our children all running together, the mamas lagging a bit behind, Allie reading all about which exhibit we're coming to (her reading is off the charts!), feeding those crazy giraffes of the extra long blue tongues, just being together.

So there is my impetus, my directive to "get back into the swing of things" and pronto! We do want our homeschool life back in some semblance of order. There is laundry to be done, ground to prepare, a garden to begin, sewing and stitching and counting and art and craft to be done, and still the re-connecting continues. But then it just seems to be about seasons and reconnecting with life and patterns and rhythm. There was so much that I learned on the roadtrip, so many lessons I want to bring home into our life, such richness to add to the already-richness of our life here in Casa Rosa, casita rosita, the sweet little pink house. It's all here, it's waiting, it's all ready.

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  1. I echo your sentiment. Weekly schedule?! You mean not everyone just flies by the seat of their pants 24/7? I'm thinking along these lines as well. We need to get back to our rhythm. It's so odd when you move to a new space or go on vaca as in your case. How quickly those familiar rhythms fall away.

    Thanks for the Congrats on my post!