Thursday, March 6, 2008

memory manifesto

or, as Nora says, Things We Never Want To Forget

how Augustus says everything with an "ia" on the end, like scaria (scary) or Cotia (Cody), how he wiggles his whole body when he speaks, and that his name for Frida is Ree-Ta

that last night Frida was serving coffee (pretend, right?) in the nursery at the church and came over with the little tea-pot and said "more coffee?"

that Magdalena read her first sentence today: I love Magdalena written by me and wrote her first sentence: I love you.

that Augustus' face lights up when he points and says "nummies!"

that today we had a really good day, (hardly any fighting!) it was our regular stay home family Wednesday with Frida

how Magdalena pets me, and today, wearing not one, not two, but three tu-tus all at different levels, came and gently hugged me and said, "I love you soooo much mama". Sigh.

that tonight as I nursed Augustus down to sleep with Magdalena snuggling up, Magdalena slipped her hand under my arm like a whisper and held my hand

I didn't post this right away, I saved it to draft because Augustus woke up and I had to run.

Another thing I want to remember, although maybe not what others might want to remember.
Augustus woke up at 1am barfing. After the initial barfs, every time he would stir I would jump to grab the barf-bowl and hover over him, ready to sit him up to catch to bounty, and he would open his eyes and say "I not mama, I not". Then, after he would inevitably start, he would say "I DONE, I DONE!" with his little eyes as wide as saucers, trying to will the event to be finished. Poor kid. There will come a time in my life when barf in my hair is ancient history, and along with it, all night snuggles, stories before bed, and me being the first place to go for comfort that is all-encompassing.


  1. prima, i've been searching for you high and low...okay, not exactly. but i did ask for your email address from cousin patty and i did manage to send you an email months no avail. i know you're out there somewhere. i'm at come visit. let me know how the heck you and the family are doing. by the way, the picture of the kids is darling!

    much love,

  2. Yes, that picture of your kids is totally stunning!

    I love your last sentence. I feel it, so true, in my core.

  3. Oh Connor, so poignant. These moments, even the barfy ones, are really so fleeting and golden.

  4. I love you Connor even if I don't want to remember the barfy times. In fact I stayed far away when at all possible. Still do. I'm part of the "bad mothers" clan. LOL muah