Monday, February 11, 2008

pre-k as you like it

the fantastic carousel at the Jacksonville Zoo on our regular Tuesday field trip

first snack of the outing

spontaneous kid connection

two little blackbirds with Ally, Magdalena and Frida

Pre-school. Did we know it could be such fun? I wanted to be a part of a homeschool preschool co-op, so I called out to the universe, started a yahoo group called Love the Earth Homeschool Preschool, and the universe answered as it does, with abundance.

I, of course, did not "create" the co-op, it came together with little resistence and much love. Mondays are our regular school day, Tuesdays are our field trip day, and Fridays are at the Downtown Main Library with Mr. Keith, the oh-so-fabulous story-teller and Miss Marie, our darling, patient and infinitely creative family art teacher.

We learn, we grow, we create, we share, we love. Shaa-zam!


  1. I wanna be in the Love The Earth homeschool preschool! Sounds like it would be perfect for us. I guess we're doing things in our own way out here in the desert, but I like that you have a schedule and routine.

  2. Connor, that sounds marvelous. Grady could use some of that. As it is, we do plenty of play but I like what you describe VERY much!