Thursday, November 17, 2011

Release the Hounds

Nicaragua bound, Jaya, Magdalena, Sage, Augustus, and Anna.  Five beautiful children, at the beginning of a five week journey to Nicaragua and into ourselves.  Let me explain.  My dearest darlingest friend, Kimberly Waugh - you can check her out here, and if you just want pure juice, check out her school in action here, was offered a 30 day intensive yoga teacher training gig in paradise.  Why yes, I did say paradise.  Paradise with a paradox, more on that later.   Anyhoo, she has three glorious children (los rubios), and one Sol baby, and we were talking about her childcare options and I remember commenting, something like, wow Kimberly, what a gift!  What an opportunity!  I wonder how I'll ever put something like that together for my children, you must go!  The gears turned, she crunched numbers, and offered a 30 day intensive family gig for me and my two children and It.Was.On., like donkey kong.  

Jaya, Magdalena (holding Maya), Sage, Augustus (holding Gus-gus), Anna
4am-ish, the morning of Thursday October 5, 2011

The elevated train!  Orlando Airport.

When was the last time you saw four American children, on their knees, all lined up looking out the back window of a van?  Not in carseats?  Better than a rollercoaster baby.  Welcome to Managua!

Day 1, Magdalena, Kimberly and Sol, and Jaya ready to walk to the pulperia (the corner store.  with dirt floors.)  

Have hats, will walk in scorching sun.

Senior Donald and Marlon, our caretaker - literally - and our gardener

The view from the back porch - looking out over the lush green lawn that Marlon cuts with a machete.  Yes I did say that Marlon cuts with a machete.  With. A. Machete.  The man works for the money.  Our lovely cabana with the hammocks that ultimately came down because of too many head injuries on too many children.  Our lovely little pool, enjoy it while it lasts!  And past the fence, the vast Pacific.  Let nuestra Vida Nica commence.

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