Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the Recital

Did I mention that my camera broke? Again? Or, should I say, I broke my camera, again? Sigh. It was in my coat pocket on the trip home from NC and somehow the LED screen on the back got crushed. Right? So it is currently in the camera hospital recovering and only Heaven knows how long that will take. So this post is all words, no images but the ones you conjure up in your head. I know I have so many floating around in mine.

Specifically, Magdalena, Augustus, and Frida's first recital. Do you think stage moms are born or made? And exactly what constitutes a stage mom? A mom who is in the wings, doing the dance while her four-year-old son stands smack in the middle of the stage with his hands in his pockets? A mom who apparently was not far back enough in the wings, so the audience was treated to the hand movements from said mom, wildly gesticulating for said son to turn turn turn!

I'm not sure. But I digress as per usual. Let's start with Magdalena. Did I mention A Star is Born? No? Well let me. She is so super fabulous and gorgeous and heavenly. I know I know, I am so her mom, and I will rave about her till the cows come home. She was the picture of the six year old ballerina in pink tights, pink leotard with soft tu-tu skirt, hair slicked back in a bun. Divine. And she did her dances beautifully and smiled and waved at us when she saw us. Pure joy. And her point really does rock, the first thing Jeanna said when she saw her on stage was, OMG, look at her point!

Frida and Augustus were in the third performance, their one and only. As they took their places on the stage, behind the curtain, Augustus said "I thought we were going to be out there" as in in front of the curtain. So. Cute. All the adorable girls - he's the only boy - in the class were wearing their pink tights and leotards and red Christmas headbands and Augustus wore a white button down shirt, a red bow-tie, and black velvet pants and he was to-die-for darling! When the music started as I was frantically doing the dance in the wings (ahem) Augustus covered his ears and said very loudly "It's too loud" over and over and over until they turned it down a bit, which of course got loads of laughs and applause. Frida was having trouble figuring out who she was going to follow: Augustus or Miss Alexandra. Would she stand there, looking terribly cute but not dancing a la Augustus, or would she follow her heart and dance? We all know. Frida is committed. When she could stand it no longer, she burst into dance, the dance she had practiced so hard to master. And master it she did. Perfectly she did that dance while my darling Augustus did a few little moves, and then put his hands in his pockets and basked in the glory of being on stage.

Backstage, after the performances, there were roses for all, then a trip to the coffee shop for celebratory Hot Coco with Whipped Cream, Scones, and a Cappuccino for this mama. Sigh. How lovely and perfectly wonderful it all was.

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  1. Umm, it is kinda dark in here. Could we lighten it up so that one is able to actually read your words? Thanks!
    I can picture Augustus looking dashing while covering his ears, too cute!