Friday, October 9, 2009

Easter in October

A friend of mine actually called me to check on us because the number she had for my mobile didn't work and I hadn't blogged in so long, she wanted to make sure we were ok. Thanks P., we're doing fine darling. And my brother-in-law asked me "So what's up with the blog?" I know, right? What happened to my weekly blogging commitment? Well, I started going to sleep at night (shocking I know) before 2am for my mental health and while I am not so irritable during the day now, I also have no blog posts! Sigh...

Anyhoo, since I don't have any new photos yet - still must retrieve them from Tita's camera, ours is broken and MIA - I thought I'd put up some as yet unseen Easter photos and just say Hello.


One of my favorite new traditions is growing actual grass in our Easter baskets. It is so fun to plant the soak the wheat berries, put them in soil in the baskets and watch that grass grow like crazy! And if we were super harvesters, we could then cut it and juice it and have our very own wheat grass juice, but we have more fun just letting it grow.

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  1. Hi! Good to see you! And your kiddos are as cute as ever!