Sunday, November 11, 2007

Halloween, a birthday kitchen and dancing at Heming Plaza

all the woodland creatures plus a kabuki grandmama
the fairy and the elf
loving the merry-go-round
putting together the birthday kitchen with the birthday boy in his birthday suit
cooking in his birthday suit

Halloween was a wild three time event as well it should be. First, Spooktacular at the Jacksonville Zoo with Tita Jeanna, Little Frida, Magdalena and me as assorted fairies, woodnymphs, sprites and pixies, Augustus the elf, and Abuela the Kabuki character, followed by actual Halloween with Tito Chuchi and Aunt Su-su out at the beach with the best candy I have ever seen, then we wrapped it up Friday at the Library with all the other regular library kids and then a visit to Heming Plaza to show off the babies in full regalia and dance, of course.

Jeanna was dreamy and glowing before the zoo Spooktacular and Halloween. She has been dreaming of all of us together for so long and there we were, Sunday before Halloween, hot gluing up a storm, doing costumes, covered in glitter I mean fairy/pixie dust, having a spontaneously huge family day and event and our kids together like three peas in a pod.

We have become quite the regular members of the Friday afternoon community at Heming Plaza downtown across the street from the library. We go after the library for real city living and there are vendors and folks hanging out and music. We have kettle corn and the most delicious crab cakes and visit Renee at her Farmer's Market. Life is good and rich and full of love and yummy treats, whether the treats are ripe peaches or Halloween candy or dancing to loud synthesizer music in the plaza outside under the blue blue sky, it's all good.

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