Thursday, September 13, 2007

veni, vidi, vici and ice cream

fine family dinner at fabulous Cap's on the intercoastal

but does he like it? (yes, but this is his pensive Augustus look)

Frida does not give up her cone for anybody

wet fountain feet

Magdalena and I play with Augustus while we shampoo his hair and it is hilarious

more ice cream as big as one's head

We spent one afternoon with my German brother Tommy* and my German sister-in-law Ilona hanging out in San Marco Square, in the neighborhood I grew up in, eating ice cream and playing in the fountain. A more idyllic day could not have been planned. We had quite a few meet and greets and dinner parties to introduce Tommy to the world. I've explained him to Miss Marie, the art librarian who host's family art time at the main library, I've explained him to my book study/club, I've explained him to random people I ran into in the Publix parking lot. Everybody is so warm and accepting.

But you know, Tommy must know. He must have proof. On his last day in Jacksonville, he and my brother went to have DNA testing done. Why do that? We love him, he's beautiful, I'm vested in my new long-lost brother. Why chance fate? But like I said he must know, he says he knows yes in his heart but for all the doubters for that tiny sliver of doubt that exists in us all, whether we care or not, he must know.

And today they left, my mom's house is quiet again. I don't have to go somewhere every day or have dinner with my extended family and guests every night. We miss them already, my brother Tommy from Berlin, Germany and sweet Ilona who makes a to die for salad dressing. And the results will come in and the mystery will be over and Tommy will have peace in his heart. Because his mother told him his father was Fernando Storch, and so he is.

*see earlier post

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